Building On Success: Telling the Regenerative Future of Agriculture

International, beginning in North America

We are seeing thousands of innovators and entrepreneurs around the world explore and push past the boundaries of traditional sustainable agriculture into a space where growing food and materials to supply the planet also improves biodiversity, community health, the environment, and the well-being of farmers.  This emergent  movement is transforming “organic” to “regenerative”, and moving from reaction to proaction. This is one of the most exciting and least known stories of our time.
To get the stories out there, we will produce and distribute a book that tells the story of regenerative agriculture in the words of people around the world creating the concept. But this project is like an iceberg and the book the piece visible above the water. Much value will be intentionally captured and shared from the entire process.

Erik van Lennep

Project Manager

Other Projects

FarmlandCommons Fund

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to the expansion of regenerative agriculture in the developed world is access to land. Especially for new farmers, purchase is nearly impossible and lease terms unfavorable. FarmlandCommons would raise money from many small investors to purchase land, and partner with farmers who will be good stewards of the land while growing healthy food for the community. – – Oakland, CA